Our Story

The story of FullyPrivilege began with the infusion of two things: hustle and vision.


At an age where most high schoolers were focusing on attending the hippest parties, co-owners Antonio Edmund and Kenford “Kevin” Peli spent their time keeping up with the latest trends. While living in an urban setting in Brooklyn, NY, and attending Paul Robeson High School, amid a crime-ridden neighborhood, they witnessed its catastrophic economic impact and lack of opportunity. In 2007, Antonio went into the fashion industry and created his own fashion line, Brooklyn Phenomenon, while building a great rapport with his community. Through the development of youth programs and basketball tournaments, proceeds were used to award scholarships to inner-city youth. Meanwhile, Kenford started his own company, The Peli Firm, and ventured into the business consultation, entertainment, music, and film industries.


Later, they reunited to create FullyPrivilege, an organically creative and trendy fashion house, created to appeal to a diverse and equally fashionable lifestyle for all. Its mission is to assist future designers, creators, and influencers by helping them obtain opportunities and excel in the fashion industry.


FullyPrivilege… it’s our privilege to serve you.